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Residential Home Inspections

Our home inspection offers a structural and mechanical inspection that adheres to the criteria set forth in the InterNACHI Standards of Practice. We provide an exhaustive examination using the most advanced technology available. We utilize specialty tools for accurate data collection including: Thermal Imaging, Moisture Detectors, GFCI/AFCI testers, UAS, Mold collection pumps and more!

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Seller Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Some homeowners want to make repairs to their house before they put it on the market and will make repairs using their inspection report as a baseline reference. Please understand that most buyers will still want to perform their own inspection even if the seller has already had an inspection done.

Learn about our what to expect during your home inspection

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal imaging inspections provides us with a picture of a specific condition of a home or building. Infrared cameras allow us the ability to see and locate what the naked eye is unable to detect. Infrared images can capture thermal anomalies from moisture or water damage, radiant heating system leaks, roof leaks, stucco, EIFS, chimney staining and window leakage. Infrared Scans are able to locate water and moisture intrusion in buildings by thermal patterns.

Radon Testing

Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas. You will never be able to see, smell or taste radon, but it may be a problem in your home. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. If you or someone your living with smokes and your home has high radon levels, the risk for developing lung cancer significantly increases and puts you at high risk.

Mold Testing

The EPA states that, “It is important to take precautions to limit your exposure to mold and mold spores. Avoid breathing in mold or mold spores”. The EPA also recommends that if you suspect you have a hidden mold problem you should consider hiring an experienced professional to avoid exposure to potentially massive doses of mold spores. We are certified to collect samples and forward those samples to an independent laboratory for results.

UAS (Drone) Inspection

While inspection SOP dictates that walking on the roof is not required, we prefer to physically access the roof via ladder when safe. If unsafe, we have the ability to utilize UAS (Drone) equipment to gain visual documentation of the roof surfaces and structure. This helps us identify any possible defects with a high level of detail, accuracy and perspective.

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Many new homebuilders include a one-year warranty with the purchase of their houses. A homeowner may want to have a professional inspection done on their home before the builder’s warranty expires. The homeowner can then pass the report on to their builder’s warranty department for adjustments, repairs or replacements of home components.

Oversee It Inspection

Are you having a contractor work on your home and live in another area? We’ll make sure your contractor does it right!
Have our local and independent certified inspectors stop by and check to see that the work is being done properly, before it’s too late. The inspector can also approve the completed job before you make the final payment to the contractor.

Pre & Post Occupancy Rental Inspection

Whether you are the landlord or the renter the pre-inspection provides evidence of the residence condition prior to occupying the residence. The post occupancy inspection is also beneficial as it confirms the condition of the rental property after occupancy has terminated. This inspection can also provide information to avoid any disputes from either party during the discussion of security deposit refund eligibility based on the terms of the tenancy contract.

Our Inspections Include the Following:


A condo inspection EXCLUDES the Roof, Site, Exterior, Insulation, Attached Garages/Carports and sometimes the Structure. These systems typically are owned/maintained by the Home Owner’s Association. A typical manufactured house does not provide access to the attic space. Rarely is there an attached garage.


Inspection fee varies by size and age of house


Includes the entire roof and both units


Includes the entire roof and all units.


Includes entire roof and 4 to 8 randomly chosen apartment units.